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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  January 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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live breaking news. >> that breaking news is out of fairfield. police are investigating a hit and run on interstate 80 and a shooting on city streets not far from the scene of the crash. tiffany wilson tweeted this picture. the airbase parkway and waterman boulevard on and off ramps are closed, there is heavy police activity and police say the area is expected to be closed off several hours to tom. hello, thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. we'll stay on top of that breaking news and bring you other developments as they come in. a legal pot party tonight in san francisco. >> dispensaries in san francisco with the proper permits were allowed to start selling recreational marijuana this morning. >> abc news reporter articles
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sal saido has more now on the historic day. >> reporter: with the cut of a red ribbon, the california green rush was in full swing in san francisco. >> people in my life have been fighting for day. >> reporter: the apothecary yum in the castro district didn't open until candidate a.m. but dominic rio wanted to be first in line. got here at 4:20 this morning. >> reporter: symbolic? >> i thought it was. >> reporter: before today you needed to have a medicinal marijuana card to make a purchase in the city. not the case anymore. >> we have been around seven years. we have been anticipating it for a long time. >> reporter: only a handful of dispensaries were given the on friday to start selling recreational weed this weekend. san francisco businesses had to wait for the city to iron out its regulations. >> we had issues we had to work through. there were people who frankly didn't understand cannabis. >> reporter: bus was good at the harvest in the richmond district.
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>> activity double to triple what we normally do. >> reporter: with customers browsing store shelves the experience was more like being at your local grocery store. once you make a purchase your items are placed inside a white bag and it's also childproof. you have to be at least 21 years old to buy no more than an ounce of cannabis. that's more than enough for someone to get a high. >> i'm looking to get some, get some edibles and go see a movie. >> tonight the state of california is ready to respond to attorney general jeff sessions's decision this week to rescind obama era policies not to interfere with state marijuana laws. he proposed a law that would make california a sanctuary marijuana state to protect marijuana users against federal investigations. turning to our weather now. you probably saw the sun after a
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rainy few days. >> you can see just the last remnants of daylight after a press night saturday. but there is more rain on the way. >> meteorologist drew tuma joining us live now on the roof of the abc7 news studio. what a view. >> it's gorgeous. it is a lull in the activity. we are squeaking out a dry weekend but we are tracking what is likely the strongest storm this season approaching in the next 48 hours. live right now over east bay hills all is quiet. the sun guess down at 5:06. high clouds. it will be chilly with temperatures dropping into the 40s. live doppler 7 satellite, the storm is in two pieces but it will combine into one and bring us a strong storm. it's been upgrated from a 2 to a 3 on monday. heavy rain, and strong winds.
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we will go hour by our with the forecast coming up. >> drew, thanks. >> see you in a few minutes. be thankful you are not back east a. record arctic blast is not letting up. philadelphia may hit 0 tonight for the first time in nearly 25 years. >> and month washington in new hampshire tweeting this morning it was the second coldest place on earth at negative 36 degrees. the only place colder, northern canada and russia. >> abc news reporter darria al binger has more on the record chill. >> reporter: brutal cold gripping the nation. a fire at the worst possible time. this row house in north philadelphia up in flames, two people killed, one of them a firefighter after part of the structure collapsed. >> we are without words. >> reporter: that firefighter, an 11-year veteran of the department. area airports ground to a halt. this air china flight stack on the tarmac at new york's jfk airport for seven hours.
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>> you can imagine the frustration many people feel after landing in new york only to be told we are going to be sitting on the par mack three hours, that's what we were originally told. >> reporter: a backlog of flights leading to a reduction of gate space. inside, passengers stranded. south n charleston, one of two runways family reopened days after rare snowfall? we are not equipped like boston would be. we expect this weather once every ten years. >> reporter: meantime, the chicago river almost completely frozen. crews working to keep roadways safe and only a few souls taking on the elements. milder weather is expected to slowly expand eastward and temperatures are expected to rise above freezing for much of the midwest and the northeast. abc news, new york. a man was take tony the hospital as a precaution after his car went into the petaluma river early this morning.
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it happened just after 5:00 a.m. on petaluma blofd south near the highway 101 overcrossing. the driver was able to get out of his truck before rescuers arrived. the chp says it was foggy at the time of the crash and the man may have been driving too fast. three san francisco police officers and another person were hurt in crashes just blocks away from each other today. the first crash happened around 8:30 happened at gary and arbello in richmond a. driver ran a red light. an officer responding to that crash was involved in a crash blocks away at geary and third. none of the injuries from the crashes were life threatening. the causes are under investigation. the owner of four barrel is being sued for sexual harassment by formerly yois. he is accused of sexually assaulting multiple women and in general creating a toxic workplace culture for female
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employees. four barrels provides coffee to bakeries throughout the city. in a tweet, one of their customers anouned it will no longer be ordering from four barrel. there was an open letter released today saying in part josie baker bread condemns harassment of all kinds and i am personally committed to ensuring it does not exist within my company nor in our business relations. president trump is leading with cabinet officials at catch david this weekend. they are discussing their agenda for the upcoming we are, including the wall, immigration, the to 18 midterm elections, and north korea. president trump says he would be willing to talk directly to kim jong-un. and today the president also defended himself against a new book that raises questions about his mental stability. >> i think it is a disgrace that somebody is able to have something, do something like that. they did a quick interview with him a long time ago having to do with an article. but i don't know this man.
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>> this morning, the president sent out a series of tweets, calling himself a quote, stage genius who got elected to the oval office on his first try. >> speaking of that book, "fire and fury: inside the trump whitehouse," written by journalist michael wolff, that was released yesterday, four days early. the publisher cited unprecedented demand and the book is already on best sellers lists. president trump says the book isn't factually accurate but wolfe says he has audio recordings of interviews. about air tom stier cold kqed he bought a copy of the book for every member of congress. last year he launched a $20 million campaign calling for president trump's impeachment. by all accounts, the next coach, raiders, john gruden, called his final game for espn this afternoon. gruden's partner in the porgt shawn mcdonough congrated him on his new job. >> i know you are looking forward to getting back to coaching. we congratulate you as you head
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back to the sidelines with the raiders. >> thank you. nothing is official yet but the chief fans have been on my case since i got here. what a great place for a big game. >> big rivalry there. after the game gruden all but conceded this was his last broadcast. the chiefs are the raiders afc rivals. raiders fans we spoke to were excited about gruden coming back. >> he has always been a good coach. he has proven himself. i believe he is a raider, always been a raider. i think he is going to do good thing for the team. >> gruden's ten-year, $100 million deal is the most guaranteed money any coach or player has ever received in the nfl. he is kpexpected to be announce in a news conference on tuesday. big jackpots meaning big dreams tonight in the bay area. for millions who missed out on mega millions, the power ball is
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offering a second chance at at a big fortune. soon you may be able to take in a view
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thachg for staying with us. someone is $450 million researcher tonight in florida. it's not year clear what bought the winning mega millions ticket at this 7-eleven near tampa, florida. that person has 180 days to claim their prize. meantime, in our bay area, someone who bought a lottery ticket at this 7-eleven matched five of six numbers. the prize is worth over $1,800,000. one employee told us customers were buying tickets by the
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bucket load. >> dion bought tickets but since she showed up for work today i'm going to guess she didn't buy the winning ticket. you have a chance to win more tonight. >> liquor king was busy this afternoon where people were buying up tickets for tonight's power paul jackpot. one of the store's managers says the lines have been non-stop for the past day. part of the reason is he believes the store is lucky. >> 15, 20 people all the time coming in and out. every second is busy. it has been a lucky store for a while. we had some winners, big winners last year. >> tickets are on sale tonight in california until 7:00 p.m. the drawing is at 7:59 on the dot. make sure to download the abc7 news app and we will send out the push alert as soon as the winning numbers come in. >> latte and half dome don't usually go together in the same
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sentence. >> sar bucks may be able at the food court in the yosemite long. some are worried it will lead to more national retailers. 6,400 people have signed a petition to stop the starbucks. they want a public comment period before the java is allowed to flow. when we come back a terrifying plane collision in canada. >> tonight, investigators are trying to piece together how this all happened. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we're dry right
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we are learning more tonight about a terrifying incident on
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the tarmac in reason to coin the freezing cold. [ screaming ] >> two planes clipped wings on the runway late last night, near the runway, causing a fire. only one plane had passengers in it. 168 passengers had to evacuate on the coldest january 5th in toronto's history. one passenger was forced to wear her flip-flops on the tarmac at 9 degrees below zero. all passengers made it safely to the terminal. they are investigating how and why the collision occurred. speaking of temps we are a little bit warmer here in the bay area. >> but you didn't put your umbrella away, did you? drew says you are going to need it again. >> we are tracking rain approaching the region in what could be our strongest storm so far this rainy season. live doppler 7 right now. we are getting a temporary break in the action. the moved out early this morning. and tonight it's quiet. a live look showing you quiet
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conditions. the winds are calm. and temperaturewise right now we are falling through the 50s. 55 in san francisco. 57 in san jose. 50 in clear lake. right now concord at 59. the call from accuweather tonight, the big story not only are we dropping into the 30s in the coldest spots tonight but fog is going to be an issue. it's going to form in the delta and spill into the bay. early tomorrow morning fog will likely be dense. the daylight hours on sunday, dry. increasing temperatures, about spot on where they should be this time of year, upper 50s and low 60s. we have upgraded the system that comes in on monday. it was previously a two. now it's a three. a strong storm on the storm impact scale. heavy rains at times alone with strong winds and there are concerns we could have some flooding. let's time of the out. 11:00, late on sunday, perhaps a light shower.
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really the system gets going while many of us are sleeping. early monday morning as we start to see the morning commute get underway it's going to be a mess from the early outlook. you see a lot of rain. heavy at times. pops of yellow on your screen. that's going to be the theme throughout the day on monday. midday, heavy rains move through. during the even commute we will still have to content tend with heavy rain. it looks to be a soaking storm right now. monday night, anywhere from one to two inches of widespread rain. in the south bay we may see less than an inch. but it is going to be a soak storm for all. future tracker win gusts, by monday afternoon winds rocking 30 to 45 miles per hour. the accuweather seven-day crack the. sunday to clouds on sunday. a strong storm, a 3 on monday. downpours throughout the day. the wind pick up.
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on tuesday, as the storm starts to exit, there is the chance we could have a thunderstorm pop up. by wednesday it's out of here. and then we are drying out for the upcoming weekend. but monday looks to be a mess with round of heavy rain and widespread one to two inches of rain as the storm moves through. >> enjoy the weather while we can. drew, thank you. here with sports. an exciting nfl game. and the warriors up against the nfl wild card game. >> that's right, wild card weekend in the nfl as the postseason kicks offal we give you kansas city and (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort)
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two of the best days in football with wild card weekend. eight teams battle, four advance. chiefs hosted the titans in kansas city. gruden's last game as an analyst
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for espn. first quarter, to kelsey, who would leave in the second with a concussion, 14-0, kc. they added, ten second left in the of that. smith, 14 yards to robinson. 21-0, kc at the half. tale of two halves. the craziest play you will ever see. marriotta throws the ball, it's blocked, back to mariota. mariota to mariota, only the second quarterback ever to do that. titans down 21-10. after the chiefs missed the field goal, titans give to it derek henry. he had 156 on the day. 21-16 after a missed two point conversion. they get the ball back. marriotta to a receiver. dick decker, another missed two-point. now with a chance to run out the clock, henry gets the ball. comes loose.
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chiefs take of the back for the touchdown. it look like. are you kidding me? yes, because henry down. sending the titans to the divisional round. chiefs lose their sixth straight home playoff games. >> that's what is amazing. these guys continue to believe. it is a privilege to play with these guys. we tell them we have got 30 minutes left and we have got to execute the play and everything will take care of itself. the staples center facing the clippers to end a three game road trip. steph threw down 45 points in 30 minutes. dubs won nine straight. road games coming in, steph kury had four threes in the first quarter for 17 points. he stops and pops. clippers, a i player elbowed to the head. diagnosed with a concussion, he leaves the game. willie reed. oh, my.
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checket out again. they had no answer for steph. he drives up and under. dubs up nine at the half. third quarter, no defenders in front of curry. he will stop and bury the three. eight threes in the game. warriors beat the clippers 121-105 the fine. >> i always feel like i'm hot. that's -- when you are stepping on floor, if you don't have that confidence, then that's not who i am. when i'm out there playing, every shot you take you feel like it's going in. >> it's to find that juice when you have the secret ant dote. >> coming up at 6:00, bears and bruins in men's college hoops. back to you. >> how do you defend against a guy who wants to shoot out from 30 feet and can make it? >> it's difficult. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, we are staying on top of breaking news in field fare.
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officers are piecing together what happened after a wild shooting and crash. an airport arrest comes after a north bay family's close friend is accused of violating their trust. details on this story at 6:00. finally tonight our best wishes to former president george hosh ertd walker bush and his wife barbara. >> the couple celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary today. you are looking at their wedding picture from 1945 in new york. the former president is 93 and still going strong tonight. former first lady barbara is 92. >> they are the longest married couple in presidential history n. that photo there, george h.w. bush is the youngest pilot in the united states navy. >> so accomplished. >> he was a bomber pilot. he actually got shot down and was rescued by a submarine during world war ii. >> all things history. >> yeah, and he played baseball at yale. but that's it. that's all i have got for you. >> he's going to be on my jeopardy team.
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>> thanks for your time. >> ♪ tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a snowmobiler reaches the top of a winter wonderland, but -- >> that's when trouble begins. >> what happens when his snowy adventure starts to go downhill. >> whoa! >> nicole doesn't know it, but she just walked into the surprise of a lifetime. now everybody else is about to get another surprise. why this is just the first in a grand plan to sweep her off her feet. seems to be a smooth elevator ride until the one guy with the sunglasses comes in, swings, and then's it's on. the story behind the beef


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